Thursday 20 September 2018
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Wowing the company gathering

First impression is always the most important when it comes to business. Even in social setting you are always being watched and probed. So, when planning any type of corporate event, every detail can make a difference. One of those things is the catering, food is something universally loved and making a good impression through food is a great way gain peoples favor. I know that this may sound a little cynical, but it is extremely easy to be shed in a negative light.  That’s why it is important to look over every detail and prepare with any endeavor.

If you are seeking to stand out in the way of catering, you should try an uncontemporary approach. What I mean, is that don’t get what is safe. Try to find something different and good that everyone can enjoy. My recommendation is BBQ for your corporate catering. It is good and almost everyone can enjoy BBQ. Next, when you do decide what you want to serve, you have to find a cater that is experienced in that type of food. Using BBQ as my example, Goode company is a Houston based catering service that provides BBQ to its clients.

Using them as an example, I will point out where they do things right and what you should look for. Goode has a large a varied selection of BBQ. Dealing with smaller gatherings, serving up hotdog s and hamburgers. The providing buffet style dining with servers for larger and more higher quality events. They can even cater for smaller more private events, that call for appetizers and a bar. Which Goodie does. Being flexible with clients’ needs is important when picking your cater. Goode will even accommodate for food allergies when requested. That is the level of service you want.

As mention briefly mention before, Goode can provide a bar, if the corporate occasion deems that appropriate. They can even conform to the atmosphere of the event. Either being dressed for both formal and informal events. Cause, even if it it’s a corporate event, that doesn’t mean it will always be in a tall building, with everyone wearing a suit. It is quite common for never corporations to deal with a more laid back approach at functions.

If you have the budget, you can even provide honor guests with gifts made by Goode company. From homemade pies to dry rubs and smoked meats. Making sure that you are talked about for days to come. All in all, the best advice for planning a corporate event is know three things. That is, what kind of atmosphere is it, how many people must be served and who do I hire? After that it pretty much handles itself. Lastly, try and enjoy the event too, If you run around and look stressed it can make you look less in control, when everything is fine. It is your event and you should try to enjoy it as much as your guest are.