Thursday 16 August 2018
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Make your event a success with a hog roast

Help is available if you’re planning an event and require first-class catering. Hog roasts can help you feed a large number of people for a small amount of money, and can be the solution if you’re looking for a form of catering bound to capture everyone’s imagination. Booking a hog roast doesn’t have to mean alienating guests that don’t eat meat as most companies can provide finger buffets, salads and sandwiches to give just a few examples. You may also be able to get cuts of meat such as beef, ham and lamb to go with the pork. There are many companies that can help you if you require hog roast hire in York.

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Why not man the machine?

Hiring a machine and operating it yourself may be a wise move if you’re in charge of a small gathering where the presence of external staff won’t be appropriate. However, if you’re planning a big event it could be best to leave things to the professionals. The sight of the spinning pig is bound to give everyone something to talk about, whist the mouth-watering aromas produced are almost guaranteed to create a fantastic atmosphere.

No one needs to go hungry

One way to find out who the best companies are is to ask around for recommendations. Online review sites can also be helpful. Drawing up a shortlist of companies and seeing what they have to offer can be a good move. Do this and you’ll be able to weigh up what they have to offer and come to an informed decision. People have been preparing meat using these methods for hundreds of years, and a growing numbers of catering companies are now buying roasting machines to capitalise on the trend.

needs to go hungry