Thursday 20 September 2018
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Follow this Guide to Use an Egg Incubator

An incubator is artificial machinery which is used for hatching eggs. In brief, you can say that the egg Incubator is used for hatching eggs, without the help of hens. The incubators provide the optimum environment for the hatching purpose, which involves the temperature maintenance, humidity control and several other important factors to consider.

For the proper hatching purpose, you need to best ventilation and properly look after the eggs hatching process, till the time the chicks are hatched.

Here, we will guide you on how to use an egg incubator efficiently and carry out the process of the hatching in the most efficient way:

Get the fresh eggs

The eggs must be fresh and should be ready for hatching purpose. Avoid eggs, which are already 7 days as the chances of their hatching are almost zero. Some eggs are for the consumption purpose, while some are for hatching purpose. You need to focus on eggs, which are for hatching purpose.

Get the egg incubator

The first step is, of course, getting the egg incubator of your own. You can either buy it from the supermarket or can manufacture one on your own. While, both the types of the egg incubators have their own benefits and negatives, it completely depends on the choice of a person, on which one to prefer.  Choose the one, which really fulfills your demands and needs.

Clean the incubator

Before you kick start the process of the incubation, clean your egg incubator properly. Wipe down the entire surfaces of the incubator with a soft, damp cloth and use a diluted bleach solution for the purpose. Remember that the hygiene is the most important aspect towards the prevention of bacterial infections.

Placement of egg incubator

The placement of homemade egg incubator is an important step to begin the process. The incubator must be placed at the safest place, where it does not topple. Also, the place of the incubator should be in such a way that the direct sunlight does not fall on the incubator.

Place the incubator at the properly leveled place in order to eliminate the chance of toppling. The egg incubator should be placed away from the children and any such external factors, which can disturb the internal aspects of the egg incubator.

Humidity Pan

Adding a humidity pan is the next step, which you need to do in order to properly use an egg incubator efficiently.  In order to use incubators efficiently, you need to adjust the humidity in the best way. You need to keep on checking the humidity levels at least every 24 hours.

Temperature adjustment

The success rate of the incubators depends on various factors like humidity and temperature. Temperature is one important factor, which plays a key role in the efficiency of the incubators.

You need to adjust the temperature in the best way and should always keep an eye on the temperature fluctuations. Remember that the outside temperature has an effect on the inside temperature and thus you must always keep an eye on it.

Turning the eggs

The turning of eggs is an important step and a person needs to turn the eggs thrice a day; one in the morning, the next in the afternoon and the third and last time, during the night. The turning of eggs can be completed either manually or through the eggs turning mechanism, depending on your choice.

Candling the eggs

The candling egg is a process to check if the entire process is going fine? The process is justified with the appearance of the eggs from within. Here are a few analysis for the eggs candling:

  • In fertile eggs, you will notice a small black spot, which is the embryo
  • In infertile eggs, the contents will be clear
  • In an egg with a dead embryo, there will be a ring of blood around the yolk or a dark spot stuck to the shell.

Avoid opening the Egg Incubator again and again

In case, you don’t have any work related to the incubator, avoid opening it again and again. Many a time, people out of curiosity, open the incubators again and again and in turn affect the temperature and humidity within, which turns drastic for the eggs chances of being hatched.

Thus, keeping egg incubator away from children is a must and in case, you are a bit childish, avoid opening it again and again!

With proper care, the hatching process can be completed with great efficiency and best results can be achieved through the artificial egg incubator of any kind.