Thursday 16 August 2018
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Easy Potato Recipe – Cheesy Potato Bake

When fall comes, taters are excellent comfort food, with cheese they create a great wholesome dish that may be offered with meat, or beans and eco-friendly veggies for example broccoli. You will find many different types of potato bakes, and also the simplest would be to boil taters, then drain and mash them after some milk (and butter should you must), salt and freshly ground pepper and cheese. Use a blue cheese for example Stilton, or Blue Cheshire, or among the French blue cheeses for example Roquefort or Saint Agur, or among the Italian blue cheeses for example Gorgonzola or perhaps creamy blue Dolcelatte. Usually people use Cheddar though which is effective. Grate the cheese or crumble it and blend using the mashed potato, put this right into a greased oven-proof dish, top with increased grated cheese and prepare inside a moderate oven, Gas Mark 5 or 190° C for 25 minutes before the cheese is bubbling and starting to brown. You may also mix hard-boiled eggs in to the potato mixture for additional protein.

A rather modern-day cheesy potato bake is Gratin Dauphinois Taters. With this you slice the taters very finely, you’ll need in regards to a kilo for 4 people if you are using this recipe like a side dish to accompany meat or chicken.


1 kilo taters very finely sliced

3-4 cloves of garlic clove very carefully chopped

150 ml milk

300 ml double (thick) cream

300 gr cheddar or any other cheese of your liking, grated

a couple of sprigs of rosemary oil using the layer of taters

pepper and salt to taste


Grease a reasonably deep oven-proof dish, and set a layer of taters at the base, adding a layer of cheese, and set freshly ground pepper (and salt if you want) along with a sprinkling of garlic clove over each layer.

Make certain you’ve got a layer of taters at the very top and sprinkle using the last layer of cheese.

Mix the milk and cream and pour it within the taters evenly. It ought to arrived at about ¾ of how in the sides from the dish.

Bake inside a pre-heated oven Gas Mark 4 or 180° C for around an hour. When you are able pierce the taters and they’re tender, and also the cheese is beginning to brown, the dish is prepared.

These two dishes create a heart-warming meal – just the one thing for any cold fall devening.