Thursday 16 August 2018
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Chicken Fried Steak – A Southern Tradition

Zac Brown did the song, and you can also enjoy them! Chicken Fried Steak is a brand time American favorite and also the greatest seller in restaurants from Nebraska towards the Deep South. If done correctly they’re scrumptious!

Chicken Fried Steak is generally known as a chicken fry. Don’t confuse this with chicken, they’re pure beef! The title originates from the coating on these scrumptious minute meats.

Get one ½ lb minute steak per person when serving these because the primary course. They may be reduce strips making for any snack too.

½ lb minute meats



Saltine crackers, crushed into a number of dimensions. Not carefully crushed

Melted butter


Beat the eggs contributing to 1 cup milk inside a bowl, set the moment meats within this mixture. Put the cracker crumbs inside a cake pan and press the moment meats onto them, turning and pressing and repeat.

Warmth a Surefire Skillet having a thin layer of oil and put the moment meats inside them. A twelve inch skillet can fit 2 to 3 meats generally. Having a pastry brush I brush the melted butter outrageous. Let it prepare over medium high warmth until brown on one for reds. Turn and repeat the on the other hand. Attempt to not turn more often than once or even the coating can come off.  Total cooking is all about ten to twelve minutes with respect to the thickness from the minute steak.

These may be offered with cream gravy, generally quietly. This differs from town to town, some do, some don’t, along with a very couple of offer brown gravy. It’s all regulated dependent on personal preference. Baked taters, hash browns or Fried potatoes generally compliment your food along with a pleasant eco-friendly salad and fresh eco-friendly beans.

Hamburger may also be formed and eager very much the same.

I prepare the eco-friendly beans either around the stovetop or even the oven. Should i be fixing them around the stove,  I generally brown a few bits of sausage and gently prepare.25 cup onion in a tiny surefire skillet, i then split up the crisped sausage and add eco-friendly beans,.25 cup water and.5 teaspoon garlic clove salt. Simmer for ten to fifteen minutes

Should i be planning the eco-friendly beans within the oven, I personally use two cans of eco-friendly beans drained, one small can of cream of mushroom soup, one small can of cream of celery soup, once half soup can of milk, single serving shredded cheese and.5 teaspoon all of garlic clove and onion salt. I mix everything together inside a large bowl after which put the elements inside a vegetable clay baker and bake forty-five minutes at 350.