Thursday 16 August 2018
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12 Tips to Remember When Cooking

Cooking is an essential part of every household and can be a major form of creativity and relaxation as well. Cooking is not a very difficult task and knowing a few trick of the trade can help a lot. The following tips will help make your food tastier and easier to cook:

1. Cooking, if taken as a fun hobby rather than a duty, helps in giving great results. The person starts enjoying cooking and hence improvises the dishes. This personal touch is always appreciated and gives the food a sense of originality.

2. Do not salt the meat before cooking. Always add the salt when the meat is half done. The quantity of salt used should be a little less than required as meat is already salty on its own. Try the meat before taking it of the flame and then add more salt if required.

3. To reduce excess salt add a diced potato or tomato to the dish. These will absorb the excess salt leaving your meal less salty.

4. While frying fish, if the oil starts to foam and rise as it is hot, add a piece of turmeric to the oil and the foaming will stop.

5. Soak the onions in water or put them in the fridge to cool before chopping or dicing. This will help avoid tears.

6. To avoid rice from getting sticky, soak them in water for ten minutes after washing. Another solution is to add a tablespoon of oil. This will separate the grains or rice from one another.

7. To flavour the pasta, add a little oil and a pinch of salt in the water at the time of boiling. Any salt added after boiling will not release the required flavour to the pasta.

8. Try adding only a pinch of sugar while cooking any green leave vegetable. This will leave the bright green colour of the vegetable intact.

9. If peeled apples are left in the open, then they turn brown. To avoid them turning brown, toss the apples in a little citrus juice like lemon juice or orange juice.

10. To retain the bright colour of vegetables in cooking immediately keep the vegetables under cold water. This will keep the freshness intact.

11. Apply oil to beans before cooking them. This reduces the cooking time of the beans.

12. Use a hand blender when trying to make the soup puree. It is better and more convenient than a food processor.